Guests will find our signature spa journeys waiting for them at every eforea spa, worldwide. The Essentials, Escape and Men's journeys are core to the eforea spa experience. They offer a distinctly therapeutic approach and take our guests on a transformative "journey of the senses."

Essentials Journey

Composed of powerful, technologically advanced treatments, the Essentials Journey delivers targeted treatments for specific skin concerns, and standard, maintenance treatments for habitual guests.

Escape Journey

The Escape Journey is a set of locally inspired, indigenous treatments, designed to help guests escape from daily stress. The treatments are unique and inspirational, offering traditional healing practices with local origins.

Men’s Journey

Offered at select eforea spas,
the men's journey is a collection
of problem-solving, re-energizing
experiences is designed specifically
for men.

Journey Enhancements

Our Journey Enhancements allow guests the opportunity to enhance their chosen journeys with a choice of three exclusive and carefully crafted mini treatments. These enhancements combine the best massage techniques from around the world and focus on Feet, Head and face, and Shoulders, neck and Scalp.

head & face
Find clarity. This illuminating experience draws from mystical practices of ancient Indian massage and powerful Thai therapies.
neck & scalp
Lighten your load. This deep relaxation experience draws from Chinese acupressure, modern science of trigger point therapy, and traditional methods of Swedish massage.
Ground yourself. This foot and legs experience combines the richness of ancient Egyptian reflexology with spiritual concepts of Native American healers.
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