eforea spa

eforea spa was born out of Hilton's desire to deliver a refreshingly unexpected spa experience—and offer guests a spiritual escape from their increasingly hectic lives. Guests at eforea spa enjoy services that focus on balance and wellness, and embark on transformative journeys of the senses that help them emerge brighter.

Our Promise

We will create a personalized, transformative spa journey for each eforea spa guest—ensuring everyone
who visits will "emerge brighter" from
the experience, feeling renewed, uplifted
and refreshed.

In an increasingly fast-paced and sometimes stressful world, today's business and leisure travelers are looking for ways to attain a calmer, more spiritual place; the word eforea was created to describe that place. The eforea brand promise is to bring balance and wellness to the body and take guests on a transformative journey of the senses, helping them to emerge brighter, hence the brand's signature icon—a butterfly freed from its cocoon.
Spa Experience

At eforea spa, the journey from one space to the next is part of our guests' experience. By doing this, we prepare each guest for the relaxing experience that lies ahead, moving them deeper and deeper into relaxation.

This inviting space immediately welcomes each guests to begin their journey to emerge brighter.
This comfortable, well-appointed space is where guests prepare for their treatments or for check out. Guests have access to dry and wet changing sections as well as grooming units, stocked with amenities.
This calming space is designed to bring guests into a complete state of relaxation and transformation before or between treatments.
This treatment space is where guests indulge in hot and cold therapies, prior to their treatments.
These treatment rooms are designed to provide a haven of comfort, intimacy, relief and escape for guests during their treatments.
This fun and dynamic space provides guests the opportunity to extend their spa experience while traveling, or take a bit of the spa experience home
with them.
Spa Design

The eforea spa brand features innovative design elements that take your spa experience to the next level, while streamlining aesthetic and construction with finely tuned renderings.

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