eforea spa

When we created the eforea spa concept, Hilton pulled best practices from around the world to create a unique spa concept for modern, global travelers. Our exclusive treatment journeys and innovative design elements were created for easy customization and implementation. So it's no surprise that eforea spa is currently one of the world's fastest growing spa concepts. If you are interested in becoming part of the eforea spa family, please reach out to the Hilton Spa Concepts team.

Spa Solution

We've created an adaptable model that is scale-able, customizable, and built on a market-driven menu and service platform that appeals to a wide range of guests. Our design and construction manual outlines a locally adaptable, turnkey design installation. The manual also details the essential eforea spa components and offers instruction around how to assess a site and plan a concept.

Step by step use of the manual guide designers along operational and functional criteria, avoiding the requirement for extensive briefing, induction and learning.

Design and construction standards create a minimum framework for space requirements and features, offering extensive flexibility to suit any sized hotel and market.
Easy Development
Simplified development
process via hands on
project support

development costs

Increased speed
to market

Operational Insight

The tools and resources we're created ensure that eforea maintains operational efficiencies, exceptional service standards, uncomplicated implementation processes, and enhanced top-line performance.

Operational Tools
The eforea Guest Service Standards secure a global service continuum

Menu development, pricing, and competitive analysis tools ensure market-driven, commercially sound menu offerings

Contract negotiation tools equip spas with product partner selection support

QA standard measurement ensures guest satisfaction around spa condition and cleanliness

Shared best practices allow Team Members to share expertise and learn from each other's success

Retail training improves retail sales conversion and successfully impacts the bottom line

A spa Health Audit evaluates spa processes, benchmarks performance, and helps develop best practices

Our complete collateral suite supports day-to-day consumer outreach efforts and simplifies advertising strategy

Digital marketing assets offer quick-to-market solutions

Holiday Campaign builds awareness and attendance for festive in-spa events

Promotional calendar drives foot traffic, boosts seasonal business, and activates lethargic demand periods

Brand.com landing pages improve spa accessibility on the web and leverages your spa as a distinct amenity of your hotel

Training and Education
Menu development tools help select a product solution that meets your specific spa needs and craft a market-drive, competitive menu of treatments

An e-learning platform provides enhanced educational support and certification

Treatment protocols and training videos provide the skills needed to expertly deliver treatments
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